rubbing garlic on a wooden bowl

one of my favorite cooking tv personalities is guy fieri (he CRACKS ME UP) and when i found out he was a past The Next Food Network Star winner, i thought i’d give this show a shot. season 5 was the first season i watched and … i’m hooked.

winner melissa d’arabian’s new show, Ten Dollar Dinners, started yesterday. the title seriously needs work. it doesn’t highlight what distinguishes her from the other contestants or the other shows on food network. melissa = snappy and creative tips! anyhoo, the first show was just so-so.

there was one interesting tip melissa gave when she made her Cafe Green Salad. she said to cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the inside of a large wooden bowl to flavor the salad. now, i love garlic and no rubbing is enough garlic flavoring in my book but flavoring the wooden bowl? interesting. i will just have to try it cuz it’s a unique tip and i want to know if it really works!

photo of Guy Fieri and Melissa d’Arabian from Food Network website


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